DVI Podcast 065 – Moby Noor

My guest this week is Moby Noor, from Islamabad, Pakistan.

He’s been playing original rock music for around 6 years now, most of it with his old band ‘Corduroy’. His latest accomplishments were being made Mp3Unsigned.com Artist Of The Week in late-May 07, and then having both “Soulpilot” & “In Transit” be made tracks of the day on Garageband.com in the blues rock and groove rock genres respectively (first week of September 07). In late September 07, two of his songs were also nominated for the 2007 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Music Awards in their International Rock Song category.

Want to hear what all the buzz is about? Check out episode 065 of this podcast:


Go visit his web site, or his Myspace page.

Podcast promos this week: Doña Rossana’s Kitchen Videocast, and Most People Are DJs Podcast

~ by pauliepodcaster on November 28, 2007.

One Response to “DVI Podcast 065 – Moby Noor”

  1. Fascinating show and excellent music. It’s probably an illustration of my own ignorance, but I did not expect to hear music like that coming out of Pakistan.

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