DVI Podcast 064 – Happy Turkey Day!

For the listeners in the US, happy Thanksgiving!  For all others, have a happy day! 

There was a lot of good music posted on the PMN this week.  I also came across some via myspace:

Munk – Dirty Work

Chris Yale – Go

DC Sills – Let You Back In

Peter, Bjorn & John – Up Against The Wall

Ayewrite – Everything Is Possible

Promos this week:  Podsafe Christmas, Radio BSOTS, Lovespirals


Download the show’s MP3 file here


Check out our new sponsor:  Skype.  It’s a really cool Voice Over Internet protocol (VOIP) program.  It’s a free download.  All you need is a microphone (some computers have one built-in) and some speakers/headphones, and you can talk to other skype users worldwide for free.  You can get your own skype-in number for $5 a month (like I do for the podcast), and people can call you for standard rates.  You can get Skype Unlimited, and for $29.95 a year you can call and receive unlimited calls to/from any US or Canadian number, plus get international calling rates starting at $.021 a minute.  Away from home?  No problem.  You can use any internet hotspot to make or receive a call.  They even have skype mobile phones for real cheap prices and really cheap rates.  There’s call forwarding, voice mail, video calling and much, much more.  Check it out.  There are some really great prices for a terrific service.  Click on the link on the right hand column for more details…

~ by pauliepodcaster on November 20, 2007.

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