DVI Podcast 059 – Being A Grown Up Sure Is Complicated


dvip100x100.jpgHere it is, episode 059 of The DigiVegas Indie Podcast, and I have nothing for you. There will be no interview this week. Real life has just gotten in the way. I have interviews in various stages of completeness, but nothing finished for you right now. I decide that I would take this opportunity to clear off the hard drive, and play some music that didn’t make it on the show for one reason or another before.

I promise I will be back with more interview material next week.

My Misspent YouthI Want The Sun

AmycanbeLittle Dog From their new CD Being A Grownup Sure Is Complicated, due for release Oct. 22.

The ShakesGoodbye New York

Strangers In Wonderland When The Rain Stops Falling & the final mix of I Like It BRAND NEW TRACK, I JUST RECEIVED IT TODAY!

Here’s a link to the show’s MP3 FILE.

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~ by pauliepodcaster on October 18, 2007.

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