DVI Podcast 057 – Strangers In Wonderland

Joining me this episode, from Wonderland Studios, in/near Stockholm, Sweden, is wonderfully talented duo of Lasse Thomasson, and Åsa Girgensohn, of Strangers In Wonderland.

Go to their web site at: www.strangersinwonderland.com, or visit their mypace page at: www.myspace.com/strangersinwonderland .


Podcast Promos Played This Week: Doña Rossana’s Kitchen (A real good cooking and recipe show!) and NeiloMac’s Music Attack, from SW Scotland.

Since this episode and email are arriving on the cusp of a new month. Please take a moment this week and next to vote for The DigiVegas Indie Podcast at Podcast Alley. Voting for the show helps get the show ranked higher, which in turn helps with its exposure. Here’s the link to the VOTING PAGE. You can only vote once a month, so please help me promote this show by voting this week and next.

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Please be sure to visit the show’s sponsors by clicking on the ads on THE DIGIVEGAS HOME PAGE. Musical Instruments, sports clothing and other apparel, music posters and memorabilia, tickets to concerts, theatre, and sporting events, as well as web domain registration and hosting. There’s something for everyone!

Thank you all very much for your continued support!


~ by pauliepodcaster on October 2, 2007.

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