DVI Podcast 054 – My Misspent Youth

My guests this week are Finn and Stig from the band My Misspent Youth. They are from Bergen, Norway, and they’re big in China. (I’ll just let Finn explain that one!) Check out tracks from their EP Six Point Eight EP. You can find them at www.mymisspentyouth.com, as well as their myspace page at www.myspace.com/mymisspentyouth.

Here’s a link to a PROMO for the episode, for all you podcasters out there. If you play mine, I’ll play yours!

Here’s a link to the show’s MP3 FILE

Podcast promos played this week: Jogtunes Indie Podcast, and American Talk USA Podcast

A very special thanks to everyone who has been voting for the show at podcastalley.com, and at digg.com. At podcast alley, the show has literally gone from complete obscurity in the summer months to #7 in the music podcast category for the month of September. At digg.com, the show is now on page #6 of the music podcast section. Please continue to spread the word, and vote as often as you can. You can vote again for the podcast in each calendar month.

Here’s the link to the PODCAST ALLEY VOTING PAGE.

Here’s a link to the DIGG.COM PAGE.

Don’t forget to check out the show’s sponsors for some really cool stuff: Concert and event tickets, web domain names and hosting, music posters and memorabilia, customized, personalized sporting apparel, and musical instruments and accessories. Go to THE DIGIVEGAS HOME PAGE to click on their links for special deals.

Help out one of Paulie’s favorite bands, The Off Ramps get ahead of the competition at www.ourstage.com.

Thanks again for everyone’s continued support.


~ by pauliepodcaster on September 12, 2007.

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