Reminder…I’m moving the blog page!

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Just want to remind everybody, I’m moving the blog page.  No more posts here for the podcast.

Go to, and that will direct you to the new blog page (, that’s where I’ll be posting all the new shows from now on.

Please make a note of it.



moving the blog page, please read!

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I am no longer using wordpress to manage my blog for the digivegas indie podcast.  please go to from now on.   all digivegas domain names will now point there, instead of here, from now on too.

if you subscribe to the show using itunes, or some other podcatcher program, in order to get just the mp3 file, don’t worry, this does not affect you.  the rss feed for the show files is the same.



“Kid Rock”… Literally: An Interview With Light Of Doom, DVI Podcast 070

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My guests this week are the members of Light Of Doom, from Escondido, California (suburb of San Diego). They came in fourth place on The Next Great American Band, on Fox TV network this fall. These guys are amazing! Rarely can you find individual 12 and 13 year olds who can play their instruments so well, let alone sound so good as a group. I am greatly looking forward to seeing and hearing their development over the coming years.


You can download the show’s MP3 FILE here.

Here’s their WEBSITE, and their MYSPACE page.

You can buy their music and swag HERE.

Podcast promos played this week: Jog Tunes, Audio Gumshoe, Concert Blast

DVI Podcast 069 – Dot Dot Dot

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Sorry this one’s a bit late. Call it Holi-DAZE… Oh well, back to work, slacker!

Dot on Fox edited

My guests this week are members of the Chicago band Dot Dot Dot. They came in 5th place on Fox TV network’s Next Great American Band.

I can’t wait for them to come to Vegas! Or maybe I can make it back east for a show.

Check out the show’s MP3 FILE here.

You can check out their site HERE. You can buy their music HERE.

California Bluegrass – DVI Podcast 068 – Interview With Cliff Wagner And The Old Number 7

•December 17, 2007 • 1 Comment

I’m really starting to enjoy this relationship I’m building with Fox.  I like the show The Next Great American Band and all, but I’m always left unsatisfied.  I never get to see a band for more than a few seconds during interview footage, and only for a minute and a half while they’re on stage.  Granted, they have a lot of ground to cover in a very short amount of time, so I’m happy to be able to talk to these bands as long as we want here on the podcast.

My guests this week are members of Cliff Wagner and the Old Number 7.  I was very surprised they were voted off the show so soon.  I thought they definitely had the talent and the chops to make it much further than they actually did.  I think their rendition of “Poison Ivy” was great.  I really liked the way they turned Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right” into something of their own.

Cliff, Devitt, and Craig join me for episode 068.  You can download the show’s MP3 FILE here.  (right click and “save as…”)

You can buy their music by clicking on this LINK.

Their Website, and their Myspace Page.


And finally, I don’t go much for special shows, like holiday specials, or year-end retrospectives, so I won’t bore you with one of those.  I do want to say to everyone though:  Have a merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate.  Also, have a happy and prosperous New Year.


DVI Podcast 067 – Franklin Bridge Interview

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Fresh from their appearance on the Fox network TV program The Next Great American Band, members of Franklin Bridge join us this week. Curt, Darrell, and Ray-Ray were kind enough to spend some time talking about their experiences on the show, and share some of their original music with us.


Check out their website, and their Myspace page.


Download the show’s MP3 FILE here.


Podcast promos this week:

HOUSEFIRE promo. Fellow podcaster Karmyn Tyler needs your help this holiday season. Actually, her sister and nieces do. Their house burned down recently. Won’t you please consider making a donation to help restore some holiday cheer to this needy family?

For some great podsafe Christmas music, check out PODSAFE CHRISTMAS




DVI Podcast 066 – The Muggs Interview

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My guest this week is Detroit band, The Muggs. They were contestants for several weeks on the Fox TV network program, The Next Great American Band. Now that they are back home, I gave them a call. Tony and I spoke at length about their experiences on the show, and their plans for the future.

Check out their website, and their myspace page.

…And muchos, muchos gracias to all those who sent in their questions for this interview.  To find out if your question made it on the show, well… check out the show!

Download the show’s MP3 FILE Here. (right click and “save as…”)

DVI Podcast 065 – Moby Noor

•November 28, 2007 • 1 Comment

My guest this week is Moby Noor, from Islamabad, Pakistan.

He’s been playing original rock music for around 6 years now, most of it with his old band ‘Corduroy’. His latest accomplishments were being made Artist Of The Week in late-May 07, and then having both “Soulpilot” & “In Transit” be made tracks of the day on in the blues rock and groove rock genres respectively (first week of September 07). In late September 07, two of his songs were also nominated for the 2007 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Music Awards in their International Rock Song category.

Want to hear what all the buzz is about? Check out episode 065 of this podcast:


Go visit his web site, or his Myspace page.

Podcast promos this week: Doña Rossana’s Kitchen Videocast, and Most People Are DJs Podcast

DVI Podcast 064 – Happy Turkey Day!

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For the listeners in the US, happy Thanksgiving!  For all others, have a happy day! 

There was a lot of good music posted on the PMN this week.  I also came across some via myspace:

Munk – Dirty Work

Chris Yale – Go

DC Sills – Let You Back In

Peter, Bjorn & John – Up Against The Wall

Ayewrite – Everything Is Possible

Promos this week:  Podsafe Christmas, Radio BSOTS, Lovespirals


Download the show’s MP3 file here


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DVI Podcast 063 – Matt Stevens

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matt stevens


My guest this week is live looping guitarist Matt Stevens, from London. He demonstrates for us how he makes his unique style of music, and we also play a few tracks off his new CD.

You can check him out on his website, or on his Myspace page.


The San Diego band Moxie is looking for a new lead singer. If you’re interested in auditioning for the gig, click on that link.


Download the show’s mp3 file by clicking on this link.